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My cover of Pickwick’s “When Rosa Speaks”

Posted on April 29th, 2011

Something like 3 years ago I caught I ride to Seattle from Spokane with my friend Karli Fairbanks (now Karli Ingersoll). She was playing a show at Q-Cafe with a band called Pickwick and somebody else. I wanted to go hang out with an ex-girlfriend, so I didn’t end up staying at the show to catch either Karli or Pickwick, and I felt kinda bad about it.

I never really even heard Pickwick, had just heard the name a few times over the last few years. I knew they had come to Spokane a few times, but I never went to the shows. Then back in October I think it was (I had recently moved back to Seattle), my buddies Mon Cheri were in Seattle recording with Kory Kruckenberg (who also recorded my forthcoming album, and all of the new Pickwick stuff), and so I met up with the Mon Cheri folks at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard for a Pickwick show.

I was sitting in the back chatting with my friends when Pickwick started to play. A song or two in I remember thinking: A) Wow, this is absolutely nothing like what I thought it was going to be B) This fucking rules, C) Damn that guy can sing .

I’ve been to 5 Pickwick shows now, that Sunset Tavern show, Blue Moon Tavern, Tractor, some loft space in Tacoma, and The High Dive.

Its been exciting seeing the reaction from fellow Seattle show goers and musicians to their music. It’s been apparent that people are catching on quick to their fresh but classic sound. The energy at their show at the Tractor a few months ago was pretty incredible-people who were there felt lucky to be there.

Another contributing factor to the Pickwick buzz was the excellent sounding/looking video that they made in conjuction with Sound on the Sound (check it out below).

A few months ago I was jogging and listening to Pickwick on my ipod and “When Rosa Speaks” came on. It dawned on me that although I really like all of their songs, this one was my favorite for some reason. I wondered to myself if there was any way I could do a cover of it.

A little less than a week ago I hollered at galen (@galenbaby) on twitter and asked if he would send me the lyrics. The next day they were in my gmail – and I started thinking about how I could cover it. I felt an open tuning would be appropriate and I hadn’t used open G tuning in quite a while so I gave that a shot (then capo 2 if anyone cares).

Two evenings of fiddling with it and here is the result. I like it alot, and the Pickwick guy’s gave me permission to share it with you guys.

Kevin Long – When Rosa Speaks (Pickwick Cover)

Hear the original here, and buy their music !!!! Pickwick on Bandcamp

Sound on the Sound – Pickwick “Live From the Basement” Video:

Live From The Basement – Pickwick from Sound on the Sound on Vimeo.