The comeback: Halfway to Hazard

The comeback: Halfway to Hazard

The comeback: Halfway to Hazard

The well-known duo Halfway to Hazard comes back to show their talents and skills, sending us the message to never give up on our dreams.

Their debut single “Daisy” was a Top 40 hit on the U.S. Hot Country Songs chart in 2007. From that moment, the duo did some amazing job, opening for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (McGraw helped them with the production of the album) and performing the national anthem. The duo was nominated in 2008, for the Duo of the Year, by the Academy of Country Music.

In 2009, they released a single from the second album “I Know Where Heaven Is”. Also, their album “Come on Time” was released in October 2009. However, none of these two were charted.

David Tolliver and Chad Warrix had difficulties with finding a balance between life, and success, and they needed a break from breaking through. So, the duo decided to take a several year break for the sake of their friendship. Needless to say, this decision greatly influenced their way to the top, but they just had to do it. In the break period, both of them focused on “repairing the broken pieces of the puzzle and finding new ways of their experience and knowledge to find success”. Warrix continued to write songs and perform on the road, while Tolliver turned to a songwriter career.

After a few years, Warrix and Tolliver reunited and agreed to go with the flow, instead of rushing the process. They were patient and committed to their work, which we hope will pay off. The duo released a new album “The REDemptiOn” that represents the duo both as artist and songwriters. This album is something they work hard on to create and as such means a lot to them.

The first single from the album, called “Heaven on Down the Highway” is especially valuable for the duo, because of its message. This song talks about how we should enjoy our lives and look forward to future instead of dwelling on the past.

The album contains 10 new tracks and is produced by Warrix, Tolliver and Matt Mc Clure. The REDemptiOn is available via Picnic Hill Records, but can also be downloaded at iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers.

Track Listing of the REDemptiOn:

  1.   Thank God That You Do
  2.      Meet Me In Vegas
  3.      Heaven on Down the Highway
  4.      Breaking Me
  5.      Love It Round Here
  6.      American Outlaw
  7.      Story of Me
  8.      Girls Like That
  9.      Lets Fight

10.   Rebel Spirit

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