A Few Words About The Josh Abbott Band

A Few Words About The Josh Abbott Band

The “Josh Abbot Band” is a country group from USA, Texas. The good folks which form this band are Josh Abbot on vocals and guitar, Austin Davis on the banjo, Preston Wait and Caleb Keeter on guitars, Edward Villanueva on percussions, James Hertless on the bass, and David Fralin on keys.

The history of Josh Abbot Band began in Lubbock, Texas, in 2006. Josh formed the band while attending the Texas Tech University. At the time, he was a part of the Phi Delta Theta chapter. He was a step away from getting a master’s degree, but the pull music had on him was stronger, thus he founded the “Josh Abbot Band” with a couple of frat brothers – Austin Davis, Drew Hurt, and Neel Huey.

They recorded their first demo in 2007 and began with tours a year after. Within the same year, Huey and Hurt had dropped out, replaced by Preston Walt & Eddie Villanueva. In the year of 2009, the band recorded the album “Scapegoat”, and the year after that came the reinforcements – James and Caleb joined in.

Band’s Discography

Josh Abbott Band Concert ScheduleJosh Abbot Band has five full-length albums, twelve singles, and nine music videos behind them. In the short time they’ve collaborated, these boys have made quite an impact on the country stage. They’ve signed with “Pretty Damn Though” (every album) and Reviver (“Front Row Seat” and “Until My Voice Goes Out”).


  •        “Scapegoat”, released in 2008, album didn’t make the chart
  •        “She’s Like Texas”, released in 2010, peaked at 28th position at US Country charts, 28th US Indie charts, 5th US heat charts;
  •        “Small Town Family Dream”, released in 2012, peaked at 5th position at US Country charts, 15th US charts, 2nd US Indie charts;
  •        “Front Row Seat”, released in 2015, peaked at 9th position at US Country charts, 39th US charts, 1st US Indie charts;
  •        “Until My Voice Goes Out”, released in 2017, peaked at 22nd position at US Country charts, 141st US charts, 6th US Indie charts


  •        “She’s Like Texas” and “Road Trippin'” in 2010 from “She’s Like Texas”
  •        “Oh, Tonight” feat. Kacey Musgraves, and “My Texas” in 2011, “Touch”, and “I’ll Sing About Mine” in 2011 and “She Will Be Free” in 2013, all from “Small Town Family Dream” album
  •        “Hangin’ Around” in 2014 from the “Tuesday Night” album
  •        “Amnesia” and “Wasn’t That Drunk” feat Carly Pearce” in 2015 from the “Front Row Seat” album
  •        “Texas Women, Tennessee Whiskey” in 2017 from the “Until My Voice Goes Out” album

Music Videos:

  •        “She’s Like Texas”, “Road Trippin'” in 2010, “Oh Tonight” feat Kacey Musgraves, in 2011, “Touch” in 2012, “I’ll Sing About Mine” and “She Will be Free” in 2013, all directed by Evan Kaufmann
  •        “Wasn’t That Drunk” with Carly Pearce in 2016, directed by Zack Morris
  •        “Wasn’t That Drunk” re-release, directed by Evan Kaufmann
  •        “Amnesia” in 2016, directed by Evan Kaufmann

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